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Besides the wide range of CUSL courses, the Chair of US-American Law is offering regular courses in national (German) and international environmental law.

Environmental Law

The course "Environmental Law" deals with the German Environmental Law. It can be offered, upon request, as a Schwerpunktvorlesung (intensive seminar). In addition to the course the Chair of US American Lawoffers optional workshops. The course and all supplemental workshops are held in German.

Comparative Environmental Law

"Environmental law is a discipline of its own since approximately 1970.  Since that time, one can find laws made by the state in India, Germany, the United States and many other countries of the world.  What one should realize from this date in time is that environmental law was produced by the social events of the 1960s, which themselves were a product of social unrest.  Some of the social unrest was due to worldwide awareness that the industrial processes that enabled rapid growth in wealth, also came with great costs to the social and natural worlds.  In its first generation, environmental law thus came about as an attempt to provide specific legal tools to conserve natural resources and protect human health and the natural world.  In its second generation, through the principle of sustainable development, environmental law now also includes economic and social concerns. And it is also in this second generation of environmental law that we realize that environmental problems are worldwide and may be solved in a variety of ways by different states through law."

- Prof. K. Junker

International Environmental Law

International Environmental Law - has been deemed the most interdisciplinary course of the law faculty. The course's participants' origins couldn't be more diverse. Besides law students a large number of scientists come from the IMES program and anthropologists from the master program „Culture and Environment in Africa“ this diverse group regularly enriches the course's discussions.