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Beginning in Winter Semester 2020/2021, the Environmental Law Center of the University of Cologne will offer extracurricular training for law students in the field of Environmental Law - the Environmental Law Certificate.

The Environmental Law Certificate is awarded upon successful completion of four lectures and one event by the Environmental Law Center. You can spread the required courses over as many semesters as you like and thus design your schedule freely. However, please do note that not every course is offered each semester.

Those who have successfully attended all four lectures and one event at the Environmental Law Center will receive a certificate from the Faculty.

What makes the Environmental Law Certificate unique is that it consists of both legal and natural science courses, which is the best way to study the interdisciplinary field of environmental law. In addition, events will frequently be offered by the Environmental Law Center, such as visits to environmental law firms or lectures by practicing environmental lawyers. These events will not only further your understanding and experience within the subject matter and other disciplines outside the traditional course of studies, but will also present a great opportunity to do so with likeminded fellow students.