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Cologne Summer School on Environmental Studies: Sustainable Cities


Cologne Summer School on     Environmental Studies: Sustainable Cities

Summer semester 2015: The 21st Century can be said to be the century of cities. More than half the global population already lives in cities - in 2050 it will most likely be more than two thirds. One of the main challenges for the future is to ensure that these cities are sustainable and not just the result of unplanned, uncontrolled sprawl. Rapid urban growth can be but doesn´t have to be accompanied by a dramatic rise in the exploitation of land and resources, the deterioration of urban green spaces, high air pollution, deficiencies in water and energy supply, waste management issues, chronically congested roads and a lack of public transport.

In order to ensure that economic growth, environmental protection and social integration go hand in hand a sustainable approach for urban growth is needed. The sustainable cities approach of the University of Cologne Summer School on Environmental Studies is to provide anexample on how sustainable urban growth can be implemented, using the City of Cologne as the working laboratory.

The program provides an interdisciplinary look at the topics of Urban Waste Management, Urban Public Transport and Urban Green Spaces. With speakers from the different faculties from the University of Cologne, from the City of Cologne and from private sectors as well as excursions to waste management facilities, urban green spaces, the Cologne airport, German National Railway and the Cologne's municipal transport system, the School will provide deep insights on how sustainable city planning is imbedded in sustainable German urban planning and daily life.

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