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Can I join the CUSL-program as an ERASMUS-student?

Yes. Please register via the registration form that you can find here. If you just want to take single courses you don't have to complete the registration form!


Can I just attend single CUSL-courses without being registered for CUSL program?

Yes, but please register for the course via KLIPS (or email if stated otherwise in the course description).


What happens if I register for CUSL but cannot finish it?

The CUSL-registration is for administrative purposes only. But please send us an email to let us know.


How do I register for exams?

Please register via the exam registration form that you can find herePlease note that there is no possibility to register for regular CUSL-exams via KLIPS. This is only possible for so called "Schwerpunkt"-exams which are something completely different and - in general - are not relevant for your studies! In short: Do not try to register for CUSL-exams via KLIPS!


Can I take an exam earlier than the scheduled testing-date (e. g. due to scheduling conflicts with my home university)?

No. It is your responsibility to plan your semester abroad at the University of Cologne in advance and in accordance with its academic calendar. The academic calendar is posted on the University of Cologne's website.


Is it possible for ERASMUS-students to finish the CUSL-program within one semester?

We cannot guarantee that all necessary courses are always offered within one semester. But should you be able to complete all required courses you'll receive the CUSL-certificate.


How do I receive my grades?

The grades will always be published on our website once the exams have been corrected and your results will be forwarded to the International Office at the faculty of law (ZIB-Jura) for you.


Do I need to get a "Schein" for my University in my home country?

Your results will be forwarded to the International Office at the faculty of law (ZIB-Jura) for you. They will be able to issue any document you might need for your Home University.