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People Places Planet Podcast Presents Cool Cities: A/C Ordinances—The Hot New Trend in Fighting Extreme Heat?

Extreme heat kills more people than any other natural disaster, and heat waves are growing longer, hotter, and more frequent, due to climate change. Cities are particularly impacted because climate change exacerbates the urban heat island effect. In this episode of People Places Planet Podcast, a climate scientist, a legal expert, and a local elected official weigh in on one possible tool cities can bring to bear on this public health crisis: air conditioning mandates.

The episode, hosted by ELI’s Cynthia Harris, features:

  •     Rachel Licker, Senior Climate Scientist at the Union of Concerned Scientists and author of Killer Heat in the United States: Climate Choices and the Future of Dangerously Hot Days;
  •     Michael Gerrard, Professor at Columbia Law School, Faculty Director of the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law, and author of Heat Waves: Legal Adaptation to the Most Lethal Climate Disaster (So Far); and
  •     Councilmember Tom Hucker of Montgomery County, MD, a sponsor of Bill 24-19,which would require landlords in the County to provide and maintain air conditioning in rental units.

Some cities , traditionally no stranger tohigh temperatures, already require landlords to provide tenants with A/C. What if the rest of the U.S. follows suit?  Are A/C ordinances effective in addressing extreme heat? What are the obstacles and consequences of implementing them? And what are other tools local governments can implement to be the “Cool Cities” of tomorrow?


Cameroon: Concerns over new Palm Oil Project

Former IMES student John Tarkang, Founder and Executive Director of the Buea-based Environmental Governance Institute, EGI, is interviewed about the planned Camvert project in Cameroon.

Nyete, in the Ocean Division of the South region of Cameroon  John Tarkang expresses concerns over a new palm project which will occupy over 3000 hectares of forested land.

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Bayer - Monsanto lawsuit - WDR

WDR has broadcasted a summary and an update about the Bayer - Monsanto lawsuit for which Prof. Junker has been consulted as an expert.

You can find it following the link below: