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Book Chapters

  • Mrinalini Shinde, The Implementation of the Paris Agreement through Tax Law: Examples from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, Chapter 6 in Globalisation, Environmental law and Sustainable Development in the Global South: Challenges for Implementation (Kirk W. Junker and Paolo Davide Farah eds; Routledge) [Forthcoming]
  • Environmental Law Across Cultures: Comparisons for Legal Practice (Kirk W. Junker ed. 1st edn.; Routledge: 2019) ISBN: 9780367028268; Author of the following chapters:
    • Ch. 4: “Resolution of Environmental Disputes,” Vanessa Johnston…, et al… & Mrinalini Shinde;
    • Ch. 7: “Public Participation,” Mrinalini Shinde, Tsegai Berhane Ghebretekle & Kirk W. Junker;
    • Ch. 10: “Environmental Crime and Enforcement,” Mrinalini Shinde.
  • Mrinalini Shinde, Environmental Law of India, Chapter 28 in Comparative Environmental Law and Regulation (Elizabeth Burleson, Lin-Heng Lye & Nicholas A. Robinson eds.; Thomson Reuters; 2018) ISBN: 9780379012514.

Journal Articles

  • Mrinalini Shinde, ‘Legal Transplants as seen in the Comparative Analysis of Judicial Decisions on the Environmental Personhood of Rivers,’ Vol. 7, Iss. 2 RGNUL Student Research Review (2021) available at http://rsrr.in/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Mrinalini-Shinde.pdf
  • Mrinalini Shinde & Kirk W. Junker, “Horse before the Cart: Discussing the Legal Fiction of Animal Personhood in India,” Vol. 2 Iss 3[1] Bharati Law Review (2019).
  • Mrinalini Shinde, “Hook, Line and Sinker: Organised Crime in the Fisheries Value Chain,” Vol. II Iss. 1 MNLU Mumbai Law Review (2018).
  • Mrinalini Shinde, “Viability of Market Mechanisms in Transboundary River Allocations: a Look at the Colorado River,” Vol. 2 Iss. II Contemporary Law and Policy Review, (2019) available at http://www.nlunagpur.ac.in/PDF/2019/CLR-Vol_2_No.II.pdf .
  • Mrinalini Shinde, “Making a Case for Municipal Autonomy in Realizing the Paris Agreement,” Vol. 14 Iss. 2 Socio-Legal Review, p. 233 (2018) available at http://www.sociolegalreview.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Making-a-case-for-Municipal-autonomy-in-realizing-the-Paris-Agreement.pdf
  • Mrinalini Shinde, “Sins of the Father: A Rise in Children’s Lawsuits Against Climate Change,” Iss. 9 IUCN Academy of Environmental Law EJournal, p. 228 (2018) available at http://www.iucnael.org/en/e-journal/current-issue.
  • Mrinalini Shinde, “The Polluter Pays Principle in Effect at the National Green Tribunal in India,” Vol. 9 The Journal of Health, Environment and Education (2017) available at http://hee-journal.uni-koeln.de/23698.html.
  • Mrinalini Shinde, “Special Economic Zones and Sustainability: A Paradox,” Vol. 1, Iss. 2 International Journal of Academic Conference Proceedings (2012) available at http://ojs.ijacp.org/index.php/ISG/article/view/123.