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Constitutional Law: Individual Rights

This U.S. Constitutional Law class focusses on the Individual Rights. The class is designed to involve active student participation. Hands-on exercises are used as a means to further the students’ understanding. In-class discussions concentrate on the major issues related to the Religious Clauses and the Free Speech Clause under the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, the Fourth, and Fifth Amendment, the death penalty, the jury system, equality issues, and the right to privacy. In addition, Native American Constitutional Law is examined. The class also covers general U.S. Constitution problem solving methods.

For CUSL students, this course fulfills the requirement of having passed Constitutional Law.  CUSL students may take Constitutional Law: The Articles or Constitutional Law: Individual Rights to fulfill the CUSL constitutional law requirement.  CUSL students may also take both constitutional law courses and count one as a required course and one as an elective course toward fulfillment of CUSL requirements