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Constitutional Law: State Structure

This constitutional law course covers the foundational articles of the federal U.S. Constitution. In particular the course will focus on the state structure, including the separation of powers among the three branches of the state, the limited constitutional competencies of the federation compared to those of the fifty states, and the relationship of the fifty independent states to one another.   Although both the Federal Republic of Germany and the United States of America call themselves, “federations,” the concept is used in very different ways by the two countries.  Students will learn how to research both primary and secondary sources in Constitutional law. 

For CUSL students, this course fulfills the requirement of having passed Constitutional Law.  CUSL students may take Constitutional Law: The Articles or Constitutional Law: Individual Rights to fulfill the CUSL constitutional law requirement.  CUSL students may also take both constitutional law courses and count one as a required course and one as an elective course toward fulfillment of CUSL requirements.