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Comparative Law: The US and the European Union

This CUSL summer course is part of an international academic collaboration between the Thomas R. Kline School of Law of Duquesne University, the School of Law at the University of Pittsburgh, and the University of Cologne. Students from Cologne are invited to participate in this 6-week course in August & September as an elective CUSL course. The historical bonds between Europe and the US have been strong for centuries. However, recent events such as Russia's invasion of Ukraine are reshaping the alliance. Other trends, such as increasing competition with China in technology, as well as advancing green energy sources, are driving Europe and the US towards greater cooperation. It is crucial for future leaders to have a fundamental understanding of the legal differences between the US and the EU, since it enhances problem-solving abilities. The EU offers anintriguing area of study for lawyers, as it represents the most advanced legal experiment ever achieved, with member states creating institutions that govern sovereign governments.

This course introduces students to selected areas in which legal differences exist between the EU and the US. It begins by providing the key to unlocking its value: instruction by experts on how to make the most of comparative study. The course includes a brief introduction to EU law, followed by an examination of specific issues currently of interest to businesses, governments, and academia, such as privacy and data protection law. Optional course sessions are also available in private international law, US Antitrust Law, and EU Competition Law.