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Environmental Law Center

Prof. Dr. Kirk W. Junker has been engaged for many years in the field of environmental law. Over the past few semesters, the increasing numbers of students interested in his International, Comparative and German Environmental Law has shown how these areas of the law have grown in popularity. For this reason, the research and teaching being done in environmental law has now led to the creation of the Environmental Law Center.

Its purpose is to honor the growing consciousness among the students at the University of Cologne and to give them the opportunity to further study the field. Many universities in Germany already have their own environmental law institutes, including now the University of Cologne.

This field of law is increasingly important both at an international and national level. German environmental law, as well,  offers a wide range of opportunities for young lawyers and provides the foundations to deal with this topic in more detail. In addition to the “Schwerpunkt- und Vorbereitungsseminararbeiten” in comparative environmental law and international environmental law, more events willtake place under the auspices of the Environmental Law Center in the future. These events aim to improve and promote the interest of young students in environmental law.