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"The CUSL Program provides a great opportunity to get to know the American legal system and its culture. Owning to the fact that courses are taught in English, you develop a broader range of language skills. It is an unmissable opportunity, especially for Erasmus students who want to take courses in English.

I highly recommend this Program to anyone who is interested in the American legal system and especially to those who want to have an education or a career in the USA in the future."

Canan Imançli
Erasmus student - Turkey, Istanbul University

Certificate in United States' Law

Since the winter term of 2009 the University of Cologne Law Faculty has been offering an optional qualification in US American Law, running parallel to the regular German Law Degree.

Please note that the CUSL-program is not a qualifying degree, i.e. not a Bachelor's degree nor an LL.M. or the like. You need to be matriculated in another degree at the University of Cologne Law Faculty to be able to take part in CUSL.

The program's structure comprises 16 semester hours (1 semester hour = 45min/week during the semester) of classes in total. It is designed to be completed within four semesters that means we guarantee that all compulsory classes are offered at least once during a period of four semesters. You can also spread the necessary exams out over a longer period of time. It might be possible to pass all necessary exams in order to attain the CUSL Certificate in less than four semesters, yet we definitely cannot guarantee such a possibility.

Having completed all required courses successfully, students will receive a certificate issued by the Law Faculty.

Structure of the Program

In order to obtain the certificate, students must pass 16 semester-hours of CUSL classes. To complete the program, a time period of four semesters is recommended.

Ten semester-hours are covered by compulsory subjects. A further six semester-hours can be chosen by the student from either compulsory or elective classes offered. In order to have an overview of the offered compulsory and elective courses please click here.