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CUSL Courses

Within the CUSL program, the Chair of US American Law offers a diverse selection of 10 to 15 interesting courses per semester. The overall amount of courses however is by far larger as you can see by reading through the list of generally offered CUSL courses. As you click on a specific course's name, more information on the content will appear. If for any reason changes regarding a single course occur,  please see News in the menu for that matter.

The course registrations are to be made via KLIPS, the University's online enrollment system, except when explicitly required through the Chair. In that case information will be provided on the website.

Please note that we might offer additional courses which will count as an FFA but not for CUSL. For more information please consult the list below.


CUSL-Schedule with recommendations for course selection

Overview of the entire range of courses offered

The following listing of courses is intended only to provide an overview of courses offered in general and should not be construed as either mandatory to take or as current course offerings. For course information, please click on the course.

Possible electives include the three courses not selected as mandatory courses.


Biodiversity Law, International Environmental Law, and European Environmental Law may be used as FFA but NOT for the CUSL program.

Duplicate credit for courses offered in both the CUSL program and the Environmental Law Certificate is not allowed.