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Exam registration

In SS 2022 no registration for online exams or online assignments in the CUSL program is necessary. If you are taking your final exams as part of other studies (e.g. Erasmus, DFM) make sure that you comply with your respective examination regulation regarding exam registration and registration deadlines.


It is not possible to retry a CUSL exam that has already been passed (keine Verbesserungsversuche).



Registration for in-person examinations

Please register here for SS 2022 in-person examinations. Please note: Foreign language qualification certificates (Fremdsprachenqualifikationsnachweise i.S.v. § 7 Abs 1. Nr. 3 JAG NRW) awarded for successfully completing the course “Introduction to US Law and Terminology” are issued automatically and may only be picked up at the Chair (more information here:

If you have many questions, please contact us by email:


Please pay attention to our data privacy statement.

Registration for in-person examinations