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Prof. Junker is happy to comply with media inquiries related to US American Law both in English and German.

Please contact us via email stating your specific US American Law question, the desired format (video or audio recording, information retrieval only), and the desired recording date. This enhances our abilities to adequately respond to your request and allow us the opportunity to conduct the necessary scientific background research.

Prof. Junker’s approval of the final version of the recording prior to its broadcast is required in order to broadcast. This is to ensure that any substantive mistakes due to editing of the footage are avoided.

US American Law differs from state to state, i.e. the relation of New York state law to California state can be compared to that of German Law and French Law. Therefore, we urge you to contact a lawyer who is licensed to practice law in the particular state that your request is connected with. Only specific requests regarding Pennsylvania, Colorado, Connecticut, New York and North Carolina state law will be answered, because the US American lawyers connected with this Institute are licensed in those States.

We try our best at answering requests regarding the general differences between the German Law System and the US American Common Law System (e.g. federal structure, jury selection, general structure of US American Evidence Law and other general Civil Procedure issues).

If we do not have the relevant expertise, we are more than happy to assist you with finding a relevant contact person.