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Examination results: General information


All examination results on this website are published with no guarantee for completeness or accuracy. Only paper documents such as written certificates or current standings issued by the Chair for US Law are binding.

Examination results are published as examinations are corrected on an ongoing basis. If the examination results of a particular CUSL course are not published on this website, this means that the examinations have not yet been corrected.

Foreign Language Certificates (Fremdsprachennachweise) awarded for successfully completing the course “Introduction to US Law and Terminology” are issued automatically and may only be picked up at the Chair; requests for certificates in other courses may be requested by sending an email to and collected after confirmation.

Please do not request information about the status of this process. On account of limited personnel resources we are not able to answer such inquiries.


Exam results summer semester 2023

Introduction to US Law and Terminology ---- Update: Certificates for this course have been automatically generated and are ready for pick up now.

Representing a US Client in Appellate Court

US Civil Procedure

US Tort Law

US Criminal Law

Constitutional Law

US Legal Culture

Property Law

Drafting Contracts (updated 27.09.2023)

Please contact P. Matthew Roy and  Lukas Plenk regarding access to your corrected online exam. Corrected in-person exams can be viewed on site during the opening hours of the Chair of U.S. Law.